Settimo Zoren

Settimo Zoren



actually I'm a physicist (Professor of Physical Oceanography) but my first love is MUSIC!

I have studied classic guitar and piano. Recently I had a training in composition especially oriented to JAZZ. My preferite music is: classical (Chamber Music) and, of course, JAZZ.

I usually sign my composition as Settimo Zoren (it is an anagram of my real name Renzo MOSETTI).

Latest Sheet Music
Classical / Vocal music
L'Albero d'acqua (water tree)
Classical / Instrumental
Pilgrim's Blues
El Noy de la Mare
World / Ethnic / Catalan
Valse pour une rose voilée
Classical / Piece
03 August 2014, News
water tree
This is a new piece for an unusual trio: classic guitar, piano and cello. The piece is based on a rhythmic pattern that ...
05 May 2014, News
Pilgrim's Blues
It's a solo piano very short blues theme. Your impro are welcome! it is also possible to arrange for other instruments or ...
11 December 2013, News
Coming soon: Christmas Carol El Noy de la Mare
I've arranged for singer, piano, classic guitar and cello this famous Catalan Christmas Carol. The text can be easily find ...